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Ohio State EcoCAR 3 team heads to TRC for Emissions Testing Event

All 16 EcoCAR 3 teams will be heading to East Liberty, Ohio for the EcoCAR 3 Emissions Testing Event held at the Transportation Research Center (TRC). The goal of this event is to give each team an opportunity to measure the amount of emissions being released from their Camaro, as well as conduct a number of other tests using the resources at TRC. 

The Ohio State Camaro shipped out to TRC on Friday, Feb. 2, and returned February 10th. The team was able to collect a number of valuable data to use as we move further in Year Four. 

TRC is also one of the competition (and Ohio State team) sponsors. The facility has been an amazing resource for the team over the past three years of the competition. Last year, team members tested the Camaro for over 2,000 miles at TRC and were able to utilize the different testing equipment hosted at TRC.

If you are interested in learning more about TRC, make sure to check out our recent blog post on the EcoCAR 3 website.