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Ohio State in D.C.: Meetings on the Hill and the SAE 2018 Government/Industry Meeting

Recently, two team members of the Ohio State EcoCAR 3 team took a trip to Washington, D.C. for a week. Communications Manager Brianna Antinoro and Controls Team Member Kristina Kuwabara spent some time in D.C. meeting with influencers and attended the SAE 2018 Government/Industry Meeting.

While in D.C., Brianna and Kristina met with four Ohio legislators to speak about the EcoCAR 3 competition. On the Senate side, they met with staffers of Senator Rob Portman and Senator Sherrod Brown. Out of the 16 representatives that Ohio has, Brianna and Kristina had time to meet with Representative Robert Latta and Representative Bob Gibbs. 

Senator Portman has visited the Center for Automotive Research twice before, as well as heading out to the Transportation Research Center, where the team spends a good amount of time testing the Camaro. In addition, last May, during the Year 3 competition, a few team members also headed over to the Senate to visit with Senator Portman during his Constituent Coffee session held on Wednesday morning.

Senator Brown and Representatives Latta and Gibbs have not yet been out to CAR, but the team was excited to introduce the EcoCAR 3 competition to their staffers and talk about the many benefits that students receive from participating in this competition.

Along with meeting with Senators and Representatives, Brianna and Kristina spent three days staffing a booth at the SAE 2018 Government/Industry Meeting, a conference that brings together government and industry leaders to talk about advancements in the automotive field. The booth represented both the Center for Automotive Research as well as OSU’s EcoCAR 3 team.

The team members spoke to around 100 attendees, getting out the word about the EcoCAR 3 competition. Included in these individuals were members of the Ohio Department of Transportation as well as employees from Argonne National Labs, who organizes the competition.

Included in the SAE attendance was admittance to the VIP Preview for the Washington Auto Show. Brianna and Kristina got a chance to walk around and check out the new technology being developed by multiple different companies.

If you are interested in looking at more pictures from the event, check out the OSU EcoCAR 3 team’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages.