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GM Presents Seed Money to Returning Ohio State EcoCAR Team


On November 13, Ohio State EcoCAR’s General Motors mentor, Lance Smith, presented the team with a seed money check for $20,000.  The seed money was given to the team for returning to the EcoCAR program.

The check was presented at the team’s event, where members were able to mingle with Lance, as well as talk about the details of the four-year EcoCAR 3 competition.

The seed money marks the start of fundraising for the Ohio State EcoCAR 3 team. This money will be used to purchase parts over the four-year competition, as well as help cover traveling costs for team members to Fall and Winter Workshops and yearly competitions.

Ohio State EcoCAR is grateful to GM for their generous check to the team. It is a reminder for our whole team that this unparalleled pre-professional opportunity would not be possible without the EcoCAR sponsors like GM.

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