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EcoCAR Member Spotlight: Emmanuel Gyasi Baaye

For Emmanuel Gyasi Baaye, becoming a member of the controls, systems modeling, and simulation team for EcoCAR was the first of many decisions made in his first semester at The Ohio State University. While some decisions fall through the cracks, the smile on Emmanuel’s face when speaking of his EcoCAR experiences shows this was a decision he will never regret.

Important Discoveries

During his first semester as a Buckeye in fall 2018, Emmanuel knew that pursuing his passion for robotics was a must. This interest first sparked during his high school years in his home country of Israel, where he … 

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CES spotlights automotive trends

Automatically baked bread--modern technology has officially peaked.“Let’s Get This Bread” is going to take on a new meaning in 2019 with the advent of the BreadBot machine, giving this cornerstone of American meals a toasty new twist. Wilkinson Baking, the maker of the BreadBot, was just one of 4,500 companies at the Consumer Electronics Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. In terms of innovative mobility solutions, getting that bread will be more about getting to the bread. Here are a couple of mobility trends we can expect to see in the coming months.

Focus shifts from full autonomy to … 
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Three reasons to take advantage of car sharing in 2019

As car payments skyrocket and highways become more congested, you might prefer to stay off the road entirely. Meanwhile, Uber, Lyft and Lime are making their way into major cities, streamlining the route from point A to point B. However, car sharing services are becoming an affordable option that opens the door to more convenient, cost-friendly and enjoyable ride.

Convenience is Key

An SUV might be great for a weekend getaway with the family, but unnecessary for a quick trip to the grocery store.  Enter: car-sharing services. Many car-sharing services work through a smartphone application. Just open an app, press … 

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To the broke college student: Think twice before buying a car

To all the college students out there eating ramen and McDonald’s, this goes out to you. Higher education is expensive; from buying books to seeing a movie with some friends, money is in constant need, and many can’t afford to spend money right and left.

What’s more, many college students need to travel. Whether it’s to an internship downtown, a part-time job or even home for the weekend, traveling seems to always be top of mind. But rather than blindly jumping to the idea of purchasing a car and kicking those savings to the curb, consider all the expenses that … 

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