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EcoCAR Member Spotlight: Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is a graduate student studying mechanical engineering, and he helps the The Ohio State University EcoCAR team with system design.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree for Singh; his father is also a mechanical engineer. Growing up in Jalandhar, India, Singh has always been fascinated by race cars and motorcycles because of how fast they can go. He even refers to himself as a “big-time nerd.”

Previously working on parts design for Honda, Singh had a bit of a learning curve when he joined the EcoCAR controls team. He had already learned the C programming language, but he had to teach himself Matlab coding by working with the team.

However, one of the most important things Singh learned through EcoCAR is not as related to STEM: how to present his work.

Singh talked in detail about the hard work and research that goes into a project like EcoCAR. Brochures from the manufacturers do not give enough data, so extensive computing, formulating, programming, control strategizing, motor mapping and engine modeling are done before they even touch the car.

The bright graduate student boasts about his team, explaining that there are so many intelligent individuals on the EcoCAR team who rarely have conflicts with each other. He describes the group as a “mixed bag of people” with different strengths that complement each other. Since they are working on a hybrid vehicle, the mechanical and electrical engineers must work together.

Singh explains that the EcoCAR team and the engineering industry are diverse in both gender and nationality; he even knows how to speak some Japanese and German because of the people he works with. He met many new friends through EcoCAR, a few of them also from India, and he even plans to attend the Indy 500 with one of the other members.

Planning to get his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, Singh hopes to one day become a professor or go back into the industry. From the little boy with big dreams in India, to an intelligent and hard-working engineer at Ohio State, Singh is bound for success in his career, and the EcoCAR team is thankful to be a part of his journey.

Written by Haley Trimble

Haley Trimble is a third-year student studying strategic communication, professional writing and biological bases of behavior at The Ohio State University. She is involved with PRSSA, the PRactice, A Kid Again and yearly mission trips. She recently went on an education abroad trip to Queensland, Australia studying human impact on the environment. Haley aspires to be a public relations professional after graduation.