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EcoCAR Member Spotlight: Mahaveer Satra

Who is Mahaveer?

EcoCAR became a central part of Mahaveer Satra’s life as he grew closer to his teammates and stronger as an engineer. The master’s in mechanical engineering student from Mumbai, India loves The Ohio State University and all the engineering opportunities that come with it.

Engineering was always a dream for Satra; he finds the idea of bringing a concept to life as highly motivating. After receiving his undergraduate degree in India, he chose to attend Ohio State for his master's degree in part because of the university’s known prowess in engineering and academic success.

The EcoCAR Experience

With a love for engineering in his heart, he decided to head toward EcoCAR with the hopes to practically apply what he's learning in classes, see his creations come to life and gain hands-on experience.

He initially found the organization challenging, mainly because he had a hard time understanding some of the teammates; his peers from the United States grew up with different education and points of view toward projects. With the new ways of working and learning under his belt, he says his teammates’ perspectives and their finished projects as the most impactful and rewarding parts of EcoCAR.

Diversity: EcoCAR and beyond

But aside from the mix of people from different areas, he notes that the team is especially diversified in regard to gender. Both men and women serve as leaders, managers and workers, adding a great dynamic to the team. In addition, Mahaveer finds that he adds his own unique touch to EcoCAR, mainly from his experience from his projects in India.

From competitions like making an electric go-kart, to working at a defense company, Mahaveer provides a multitude of experience and a wider perspective on project development. After receiving his master's and finishing his time on EcoCAR, he dreams of launching his own company, specializing in the creation of products that simplify life and can spark jobs in India.

Written by Emily Smith

Emily Smith is a freshman majoring in Marketing and minoring in Spanish. She is an Account Associate at The Practice, a member of PRSSA, a Morill scholar, an International Affairs scholar, and attends Cru weekly. Emily hopes to pursue a career in corporate marketing.