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EcoCAR Member Spotlight: Emmanuel Gyasi Baaye

For Emmanuel Gyasi Baaye, becoming a member of the controls, systems modeling, and simulation team for EcoCAR was the first of many decisions made in his first semester at The Ohio State University. While some decisions fall through the cracks, the smile on Emmanuel’s face when speaking of his EcoCAR experiences shows this was a decision he will never regret.

Important Discoveries

During his first semester as a Buckeye in fall 2018, Emmanuel knew that pursuing his passion for robotics was a must. This interest first sparked during his high school years in his home country of Israel, where he was on a robotics team, and it only grew stronger when he came to the states. While he knew that majoring in electrical engineering would give him the tools to be successful and further fuel his enthusiasm for robotics, he knew that receiving hands-on experience and joining a project team that he personally connected with would enhance his educational experience.

This curiosity and longing encouraged him to seek out organizations that would allow him to apply what he had learned in class - and get his hands dirty while doing so.

Using the term “overjoyed” to describe his feelings when becoming a member of Ohio State EcoCAR, Emmanuel mentioned that he was ready to put his skills to the test. He quickly found that the controls team allowed him to utilize his passions for robotics while also applying what he learned in class to real scenarios. For example, he has been better able to understand numerous systems while taking his teachings from class and applying them to the projects he’s curating in EcoCAR.

Changes and Challenges

Acclimating to the team proposed a bit of a challenge for Emmanuel because there was so much to learn. As an incoming member, he had to learn a majority of the toolboxes as well as the different systems used within the lab. While this posed as a challenge for Emmanuel, he knew that joining this organization allowed him to utilize a network larger than himself. With this attitude in hand, he plans to become a vital member of the team, learning all there is to know in order to contribute to the advancement of the entire group.

Emmanuel also noticed improvements in how he applies his schoolwork and education gained to real-world experiences. He explains that while he always focused on receiving good grades, in order to be an efficient member of the team, he must fully understand the mechanisms behind the project he’s working on. This realization inspired him to tackle projects that he wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to complete.

With Creativity Comes Diversity

Now in his second semester, Emmanuel describes EcoCAR as a group of people all working toward a common goal while creating a tangible product. Emmanuel credits his team members as they’ve all served as inspirations to him in terms of research and career opportunities. He thoroughly enjoyed learning from their experiences and hopes to curate some of his own alongside them.

As for his future plans, Emmanuel hopes to apply his skills and knowledge to land a job with a firm focused on robotics research. As for his time in EcoCAR, his experiences are only just beginning, and he exudes excitement when speaking of his future as a member of the EcoCAR team.

Laura Baird is a senior at The Ohio State University majoring in strategic communication with minors in food processing and psychology. Aside from the PRactice, Laura is involved in Delta Zeta Sorority. After graduation, Laura hopes to work for a public relations firm or in corporate communications.