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March 2019

In·no·va·tion (inəˈvāSH(ə)n): The action or process of innovating

Electrical systems team lead Kerri Loyd (left) presented Kamryn Russell (right) with the EcoCAR Women of Excellence Award.No matter what major we pursue or which path we take in life, the action or process of innovating is a concept we’ll all face. For Kamryn Russell, a second-year mechanical engineering student at The Ohio State University, she chose to look at innovation head-on by joining the EcoCAR and working alongside fellow engineers. I had the opportunity to speak with Russell about her experiences and why she brings a unique perspective to the team.

The sophomore recently earned the Ohio State … 

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EcoCAR Member Spotlight: Emmanuel Gyasi Baaye

For Emmanuel Gyasi Baaye, becoming a member of the controls, systems modeling, and simulation team for EcoCAR was the first of many decisions made in his first semester at The Ohio State University. While some decisions fall through the cracks, the smile on Emmanuel’s face when speaking of his EcoCAR experiences shows this was a decision he will never regret.

Important Discoveries

During his first semester as a Buckeye in fall 2018, Emmanuel knew that pursuing his passion for robotics was a must. This interest first sparked during his high school years in his home country of Israel, where he … 

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