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Winter Workshop

Last week, the EcoCAR team leads set out for Austin, Texas to participate in a series of trainings and bonding exercises where they picked up new information about new technology and had meetings with sponsors. The three-day excursion was filled with activities where the team worked hard to better prepare for competition in May. The team found out exact dates for competition which really put the work timeline into perspective as well as got them excited for what's to come. In preparation for competition, team leads met with sponsors like General Motors, MathWorks, Bosch and dSpace. In addition to their training and work to prepare … 

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Metro High School Outreach Day

Last month, team leads, Phillip and Kerri, went to Metro High School to share all things EcoCAR with students. Ohio State EcoCAR relies much on outreach events to make its efforts in the automotive and engineering world known throughout various communities. It's great to share the work EcoCAR members do at the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) with prospective college students, as it gives them a chance to get to know the engineering and sustainability efforts of Ohio State EcoCAR. Kerri and Phil talked to over 100 kids about the importance of STEM career paths and how they do benefit from diverse … 

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EcoCAR Member Spotlight: Mahaveer Satra

Who is Mahaveer?

EcoCAR became a central part of Mahaveer Satra’s life as he grew closer to his teammates and stronger as an engineer. The master’s in mechanical engineering student from Mumbai, India loves The Ohio State University and all the engineering opportunities that come with it.

Engineering was always a dream for Satra; he finds the idea of bringing a concept to life as highly motivating. After receiving his undergraduate degree in India, he chose to attend Ohio State for his master's degree in part because of the university’s known prowess in engineering and academic success.

The EcoCAR Experience … 

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EcoCAR Member Spotlight: Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is a graduate student studying mechanical engineering, and he helps the The Ohio State University EcoCAR team with system design.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree for Singh; his father is also a mechanical engineer. Growing up in Jalandhar, India, Singh has always been fascinated by race cars and motorcycles because of how fast they can go. He even refers to himself as a “big-time nerd.”

Previously working on parts design for Honda, Singh had a bit of a learning curve when he joined the EcoCAR controls team. He had already learned the C programming … 

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In·no·va·tion (inəˈvāSH(ə)n): The action or process of innovating

Electrical systems team lead Kerri Loyd (left) presented Kamryn Russell (right) with the EcoCAR Women of Excellence Award.No matter what major we pursue or which path we take in life, the action or process of innovating is a concept we’ll all face. For Kamryn Russell, a second-year mechanical engineering student at The Ohio State University, she chose to look at innovation head-on by joining the EcoCAR and working alongside fellow engineers. I had the opportunity to speak with Russell about her experiences and why she brings a unique perspective to the team.

The sophomore recently earned the Ohio State … 

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